About Admiral Woods

Who owns Admiral Woods?

Cromarty Trust

Gorham and Admiral Woodlands are beautiful woods in Medway, Kent. They were purchased by the Cromarty Trust in 2004 with money raised by local people and also helped with a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund.

The aim today is to manage the woods to make use of the woodland produce whilst being sensitive to the needs of wildlife. Visitors are welcome!

Please note that you can visit Gorham Woods at any time. However, Admiral Woods is owned on a private basis and can only be entered through permitted gates whilst taking part in an activity.

Find out more about Gorham and Admiral Woodlands.

What is ‘ancient woodland’?

Admiral Woods

Ancient woodland is a magnificent part of our UK heritage. To be classed as ancient woodland, the land itself must have had continuous woodland cover since at least 1600.

Ancient woodland is also home to an incredible interlinking of tree species, flowers and other plants, birds and insects and mammals. They hold secrets about how people have lived within them in the past and used them for food, shelter and to survive. Today they are vital to the survival of our native fauna and flora. 

In newly planted woods it takes time for plants to get established. Certain indicator plants are therefore a clue to spotting if woods are actually ancient. These include plants like bluebells, orchids, herb paris (a perennial plant that loves damp woods!) and hundreds of species of fungus.