Terms & Conditions

By booking with us, either directly or via an intermediatory such as EEQU or Unmissable England you are agreeing to our terms and conditions.

1.1 – Once payment and booking forms have been received you are deemed to have accepted these Terms and Conditions and have entered into an agreement with Out to the Woods CIC.  

1.2 – The agreement is between Out to the Woods CIC and the participant named on the booking form; a booking form must be completed for all those who attend.  

1.3 – We reserve the right to refuse a booking to any parties or individuals without the need to give a reason. In this instance you will be reimbursed the money paid on booking.  

1.4 – Your session place will not be reserved until payment has been received. 


2.1 – We are a community interest company therefore we aim to limit our prices. However, we reserve the right to alter our prices due (but not limited) to unforeseen circumstances such as transport, increasing material costs and labour. 

2.2 – In the event that prices increase, you will be notified as soon as possible. If the increase is more than 15% you will be able to cancel your sessions and be eligible for a refund. 


3.1 – Forest School  sessions/ Experiences will be cancelled if weather conditions pose an adverse risk, we reserve the right to cancel for health and safety reasons. In this instance, we will offer an alternative session as soon as is practicably possible. If the participant is unable to attend any of the alternative sessions offered, no refund will be given.  

3.2 – Should it not be possible to run a FS session due to staff illness or unforeseen circumstances, we reserve the right to cancel. We will contact you via the method you have requested on the participant consent form as soon as is appropriately possible. In this instance, we will offer an alternative session as soon as is practicably possible. If you are unable to attend any of the alternative sessions offered, a refund will be given.  

3.3 – We do not offer a refund for individual sessions missed, as part of term or block bookings.  

3.4 – If you have booked for a FS term/holiday fun day/outdoor learning/ party, we require 14 days notice to receive a full refund.  If notice is given less than 14 days prior to the booked event, we reserve the right not to offer a full refund.  

3.5 – If you have booked through Unmissable England/EEQU then their cancellation policy will operate – please refer to the relevant booking website.  

3.6 – We go out in all kinds of weather including (but not limited to) heat, cold, rain and snow. If you decide not to attend the session due to weather conditions, no refund will be given.  

3.7 – In the unlikely event that our numbers are deemed too low to run the session, we reserve the right to cancel. In this instance, you will be offered an alternate session or refund.  

Conduct on site

4.1 –Admiral woodland may only be used during forest school sessions/woodland experiences that have been booked directly or via an intermediary. 

Admiral woodland is not available for similar use outside these sessions.  There is a public path through Gorham wood but none through Admiral wood.  

4.2  – At Out to the Woods CIC we are out in all weathers, as this is a fundamental part of the learning experience. If participants are not suitably dressed*, we reserve the right to refuse entry to our Forest School session/Experiences. Should this be necessary, no refund will be given. 

 * We hold a small stock of suitable clothing and footwear in a range of sizes from adult/children and will be happy to loan these out – please contact us prior to your session to make arrangements for the loan of suitable clothing/footwear.   

4.3 – All attendees are expected to behave respectfully towards everyone on site at Out to the Woods CIC. This includes via the use of modern technology off site (including social media).  

4.4 – We will always do our best to ensure positive behaviour on site, however we are aware that situations such as bullying or negative behaviour can occur. If such instances arise, we will communicate with all parties involved and if necessary, discuss an action plan. If bullying or negative behaviour continues and others are at risk or the Forest School ethos is jeopardised, Out to the Woods CIC reserves the right to refuse entry and withhold any fees that have been paid.  

4.5 – Refusal to entry on site and/or removal during the session will be implemented at the discretion of the Forest School Leader/Experience host in circumstances such as:       

  •  Intoxication     
  • Misuse of drugs (recreational or otherwise)
  • Abusive behaviour        
  • Continued misuse or dangerous use of tools or equipment If any of the above has occurred, no refund will be given.  

4.6 – Out to the Woods CIC is a strictly no alcohol, no smoking or vaping site and we operate a zero-tolerance policy to inappropriate or offensive language and behaviour.  

4.7 – Out to the Woods CIC operates from a semi-ancient woodland and it is imperative that all participants are mindful of the need to protect and care for this natural environment. All participants will be briefed on the Countryside code and are expected to follow it at all times.   

4.8 – Parking is very limited on site. The car park area is uneven and can be very muddy and slippery. Out To the Woods CIC cannot take any responsibility for damage to vehicles parked on site.

Accidents & Incidents:

5.1 – We endeavour to provide the safest environment, however due to the natural environment and the focus on self-discovery that the Forest School ethos encourages, there is an element of risk in participation. We will complete thorough Risk Benefit Assessments and follow Policies & Procedures. Before every session the relevant checks will be carried out. The Forest Leader will ensure participants are briefed at the start of each session and before participation in any activity.  

5.2 – We will use control measures to ensure the actions following an accident/incident are dealt with in the correct manner. In the unlikely event that an accident/incident does occur, the Forest School staff reserve the right to contact the emergency services if deemed necessary. 

Allergies and Medications:

6.1 – As part of the booking process you will be required to complete a health wavier form, to ensure that Out to the Woods CIC are aware of any known allergies and medical conditions of all participants. All attendees must provide full, complete and accurate information on their health waiver form, including any medical conditions, special requirements, allergies and/or recent illnesses; attendees must inform the Experience host/ Forest School leader of any changes to their personal information (including medical information) that have occurred between signing their Booking Form and the day of their session.  

6.2 – By accepting the Terms and Conditions you are agreeing that you understand that being outdoors carries an element of risk with regard to allergies or the need for medicine. Out to the Woods CIC will complete a site check before each session in order to minimise the risk. We will endeavour to follow good practise and reduce the chance of an allergic reaction or other medical situation arising.  

6.3 – If the participant requires any regular medication, we reserve the right to refuse entry if, on arrival, they do not have the correct medication e.g. asthma pump, EpiPen. No refund will be given in the above instance.  

6.4 – If the attendee has any known allergies such as nuts, we suggest that you provide suitable food to limit the risk of incident. Out to the Woods CIC will not be held responsible for ingestion of allergens on site. It is the attendee’s responsibility to only consume food and drinks which are suitable for them. 

6.5 – If attending a cooking experience – Woodfired Chapatis – a full list of the ingredients to be used will be provided upon request. It is important that you make Out to the Woods CIC aware of any allergies that you may to these ingredients whilst completing the health waiver form.  

Digital Photos/Mobile Phones/Social Media:

7.1 – Out to the Woods CIC reserves the right to use photos for promotional/marketing/evidence purposes. However, if you do not wish attendees to feature in any such media, please specify on the relevant forms at time of booking.  

7.2a – Forest School sessions only – If attendees bring any devices, forms of communication or technology onto site, they will be asked to store them in an appropriate location. These should not be kept on their person. If continued use or misuse of technology is witnessed or reported, the device/s will be removed and only returned at the end of session.  

 7.2b – For Forest experience sessions – Please do not use any devices unless you have prior permission from the Experience host and the group. We reserve the right to protect everyone’s privacy. It is our duty to ensure privacy is provided and we will ask you to put all devices away if we see them on site.  


8.1 – Out to the Woods CIC takes any complaint about our services, staff or site very seriously. We will endeavour to resolve any problems/situations in a timely and professional manner. Out to the Woods CIC strive to always take an open and honest approach when dealing with any complaints or concerns.  

8.2 – If a complaint/issue/concern with Out to the Woods CIC arises, please approach calmly and wait until the FSL has all the attendees safe. We will always make/have time to discuss issues/questions, at the appropriate time and if necessary, a meeting can be scheduled. Out to the Woods CIC will not tolerate any form of abuse or disrespect of our staff.   

8.3 – If the complaint/concern is of a sensitive nature or you do not feel comfortable discussing this in person, please contact us via email: [email protected] or contact us by phone. If an issue is unresolved and you wish to take it further, please lodge your complaint in writing within 28 days of the initial complaint and Out to the Woods CIC will deal with it accordingly. 

Risk and responsibility:

10.1 –Terrain Being outdoors in the woodlands and walking through this environment will involve a varying degree of risk caused by (but not limited to ) the following factors: uneven & rough terrain; muddy/rocky/wet ground; tree stumps; unseen or hidden craters/ animal dens or holes; fallen or protruding branches; nettles, brambles, high ground as well as a number of ascents/descents, some of which may be steep and sustained. Participants will be reminded of this during the safety briefings and throughout their time in the woods but they are also expected to exercise personal responsibility for being aware of the risks that a woodland terrain contains. 

10.2 – Potentially strenuous Walking and outdoor activities can be strenuous. Never underestimate the strenuous nature of walking particularly when this is combined with the natural environment and the elements.

 10.3 – Potentially dangerous Our community forest is situated in an ancient woodland, which is host to a variety of flora and fauna and remnants from previous times.Some of the plants and wildlife on site are potentially dangerous to both humans and dogs – Lords and Ladies, Nettles, Brambles, Dog’s Mercury and many more.  Furthermore, there are a number of large craters on site caused by WWII bombing and digging for flint. 

 10.4- Fitness and Experience – The walk between Admiral and Gorham woods is about 40 minutes however a reasonable level of fitness and ability is required as the natural environment can be demanding at times.  10.5 – Safety: All attendees must take heed of any safety information, guidance or hazard warnings given by the Forest School Leader/Experience host during the safety briefings and whilst walking through the woodlands.

 10.6 – Under 18s – Under 18s may attend  if accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. Your child must be accompanied at all times during the activity by you as their parent/legal guardian, and must be within sight and sound of you during the activity. You as the parent/legal guardian are responsible for your child at all times.    

10.7 – Under 18s and Forest School – During these sessions, children may attend unaccompanied but must be over 8 years old. You will need to complete a separate parental consent form if your child is to attend without a parent or carer.

 10.8-Indemnity: Out to the Woods CIC accepts no responsibility for participants’ personal possessions, including but not limited to vehicles, prams etc whilst they are on site.  


9.1 – For marketing purposes and connecting with the community Out to the Woods CIC will use images and recordings that are taken during sessions. We will use and share images and recordings on different social media platforms, unless specified not to in your booking form. Out to the Woods CIC will ensure that the confidentiality, privacy and GDPR (General Date Protection Regulation) is followed and no private information is shared. We are registered with the ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office (Reference ZB047726) and we abide by the responsibilities set out by them as a data controller.

Clothing and footwear

 11.1 – Footwear: All attendees must provide suitable outdoor footwear, preferably walking boots, with sturdy cleated soles and ankle support. It is recommended to bring a change of footwear and bag to carry muddy footwear home. 

 11.2 – Clothing:   All attendees must wear suitable clothing, preferably a number of layers which can removed if they feel warm.  Tops and trousers must cover legs and arms fully to minimise the risk of insect bites. Sun cream and insect repellent is recommended in all weathers.  

 * We hold a small stock of suitable clothing and footwear in a range of sizes from adult/children and will be happy to loan these out – please contact us prior to your session to make arrangements for the loan of suitable clothing/footwear.   

Warm /Hot weather including rain:

  •  No hairspray or gel containing alcohol due to flammability 
  • Sun hat/cap 
  • Hair tied back 
  • Sunglasses if required 
  • Sun cream /Insect/Mosquit /Tick repellent 
  • Long sleeved top
  •  Long trousers 
  • Jumper/ jacket/ cardigan 
  • Lightweight waterproof coat & trousers  
  • Waterproof all in one/ trousers 
  • Change of clothes
  • Enclosed shoes (wellies for damp days) Socks    

Cold weather including rain:

  •  No hairspray or gel containing alcohol due to flammability 
  • Woollen hat but without neck ties 
  • Hair tied back Sunglasses if required 
  • Body Neck warmer/sleeve  
  • Long sleeved top Hard wearing long trousers 
  • Thick jumper/Cardigan Vest (thermals are advised) 
  • Waterproof /Winter coat Waterproof all in one/ trousers 
  • Change of clothes
  •  Waterproof wellies/boots Welly socks/ extra thick socks