Woodland Experiences

Bespoke Creative Woodland Experiences

Bespoke Creative Woodland Experiences in Kent

Woodland activities aren’t just for kids. Adults love the chance to unwind in the forest, too. Join us to cook up some tasty Indian cuisine, or weave beautiful forest wreaths to take home.

Would you like to to spend time with your friends, meet new people or learn an amazing skill? At Out To The Woods we believe that lots of things are better done outdoors. Visit us soon for an outdoors activity to remember.

Woodfired Chappatis

Mmmm –  Indian cooking outdoors!

Did you know that one of the UK’s most popular dishes actually hails from exotic, incredible India? Learn to cook a tasty, authentic Indian meal (from scratch!) amidst the beauty of Admiral Woods. Inhale the spicy, scented food and prepare to feast!

Two experiences are available:

Stuffed Chappatis

Create a filling for a stuffed chappati with choice of spiced potatoes or spiced cauliflower, served with melted butter and accompanied with a hot cup of chai.

Chappatis with Lentils

Prepare and cook your own delicious chappatis with lentils dish.

  • Imagine soft, warm Indian bread and chappatis dipped into a hearty lentil dahl
  • Roll and make your very own chappatis
  • Learn to use a traditional Indian ‘tava’ (hot iron pan)
  • Prepare and cook your chosen Indian dish
  • Once cooked, enjoy your traditional Indian meal around the campfire
  • Love every moment in the ambiance of the woodland
  • Never cooked on a fire before? No worries – we will show you how it’s done

The Indian art of making chappatis over the fire is fast disappearing due to modern gas and electric stoves. Let’s keep this traditional method alive… because the taste is so much better!

£35.00 per person (£120 for a group of 6 booking together – saving you £90!)

Max per session is 15 participants – with 10 an ideal number.

Woodland Wreath Making and Forest Flower Crowns Making

Arty fun with flora

Learn seasonal, creative activities outdoors. A skill for life, time spent with friends, and lovely results to take home.

Weave a Forest Flower Crown

No two flower crowns are ever the same. We show you all you need to know to make a personal, bespoke crown. You will learn the basic techniques and how to select the materials and plants that will work best. After that you can be as creative as you like!

  • Forest crowns are delightful, individual and perfect for festivals or a summer party
  • Once you’ve mastered the basics you can use the same principle for wedding flower crowns or seasonal garlands as well as dried flowers
  • Not only have you spent time in the beautiful Kent Woodlands, you take away a learned a skill for life!
  • Forest Crowns runs throughout the year

£50 per person (£250 for a group of 6 booking together – saving £50)

Woodland Festive Wreath Making

It’s lovely to have something individual that isn’t shop-bought.

Throughout the festive season we offer sessions to show you how to create your own bespoke, festive woodland wreath. We welcome you to come alone or gather your friends together. There’s always a relaxed atmosphere when we’re making wreaths in the woods.

  • Take home a woodland festive wreath
  • Learn a new skill for life (you can make a wreath for any season!)
  • Spend quality time around the fire, with hot spiced apple (or something mulled!)
  • Take the chance to visit Bicknor’s 12th century church
  • Spend time mindfully exploring and enjoying Gorham and Admiral Woods

£50 per person (£250 for a group of 6 booking together – saving £50)

Max per session is 15 participants – with 10 an ideal number.

Double Cooking and Forest Flower Crown Making Experience

Not double trouble, but a double delight! Combine these two fantastic woodland activities and get creative with both food and flowers. An amazing way feel immersed in the woods: cook and eat delicious fresh Indian food and create a beautiful forest flower crown to take home. Skills for life, and a day to remember.

From £45 to £56 per person depending on numbers.

Max per session is 15 participants – with 10 an ideal number.

Please get in touch to find out upcoming dates for our bespoke woodland activities.

Kent Downs Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB)

Kent Downs Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB)

Out To The Woods is proud to work closely with Kent Downs AONB. Together we have developed these unique and immersive experiences that you can enjoy in the beautiful Admiral and Gorham Woods, with the surrounding village of Bicknor and its medieval church close by.