Woodland Outdoor Learning Trips for Schools

Forest School and Outdoor Learning Sessions
for School Groups in Kent

Outdoor learning and the school curriculum

The benefits of regular outdoor learning are not disputed. Especially when children spend so much time indoors, or have little access to safe outdoor spaces to explore. Out To The Woods would be delighted to help you with your outdoor learning plans and its place in the school curriculum. with our forest school and outdoor learning sessions.

Learning outside the classroom

What does Ofsted say about outdoor learning?

Inspections carried out by Ofsted expect a rich and stimulating outdoor area to be present in schools and good use of the school grounds to be made on a daily basis.

The Nature Premium supports outdoor learning

The Nature Premium is calling on the government to introduce a guaranteed regular time in nature for ALL children and young people, with additional funding and support for those who need it most.


Top 5 Benefits of Outdoor Learning

(Kent Teach)

  1. Improved physical health
  2. Helps to develop an appreciation and understanding of the world around us
  3. Improved mental health
  4. Development of key skills, such as problem solving
  5. Development of interpersonal skills, such as communication

More about Forest Schools

The Forest Schools movement has been around for over a quarter of a century. Find out how it began.

Forest School Activities

Here are just some of the activities your class can experience with Out To The Woods:

  • Campfire and den building
  • Problem solving
  • Learning about plants and wildlife
  • Team building and bonding
  • Learning about the natural world
  • Enjoying mental freedom and physical exercise
  • Appreciating the calm and peace of nature

Half-day session (morning) £130

Half-day session (afternoon) £120

Each session is for a maximum of 15 children and up to 5 adults.

Adult supervision

Please note that a minimum of 2 adults must attend each school group. In addition, for children with a high level of needs or funding or EHCPs, additional adults must also attend to ensure that they have the correct support to enable them to fully enjoy the session.

Booking a Session

We recommend that schools book for a minimum of half a term (6 weeks of continuous sessions) for pupils to gain the most benefit. That’s because we regularly see the transformation in the children as they gain confidence, increase their knowledge and begin to love the woods. However, taster sessions can also be booked.

Contact us to discuss your school’s requirements.