Amazing Ancients


Come and learn all about amazing ancient woodlands for free with Out to the Woods. Funded by Kent AONB and DEFRA and with support from Anna Outdoors, you will learn all about ancient woodland indicators, trees, soil, be a deadwood detective and much more.

Discover Gorham & Admirals woods

What’s so important about ancient woodlands? How much of the UK is covered in ancient woodland? Why is deadwood so precious? Are all soils the same? Can you really hear sap rising in a tree?

To find out the answers to these questions and much more then sign up for one of our Family friendly Amazing Ancients sessions at

Ancient woodlands are one of our most important habitats so we have been really lucky to work with the talented Anna Outdoors, who has developed a “treemendous” education pack and leaflet packed full of amazing activities to help you learn more about our ancient woodlands. In addition, the naturally awesome Rebecca Jane Design has also been involved in the project and is responsible for the superb artwork in the pack and leaflet.

Front cover of education pack
Education pack
Picture of leaflet all about Gorham and Admirals woods
Connecting to nature pack
Leaflet of Gorham and Admiral woods
Leaflets for participants

Two girls measuring trees
Measuring the girth of a tree
People looking in the woods
Looking for ancient woodland indicators
Boy using stethoscope to listen to a tree
Listening to sap rising in trees

This project was kindly funded by the Kent Downs AONB and DEFRA Farming in Protected Landscapes grant programme which is for People, Place, Climate and Nature.

We are running sessions for families, schools and a special walking tour for adults only – find out more here.

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